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WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

WordPress website maintenance packages are perfect for any business, individuals, and bloggers who want to keep their WordPress site up-to-date without the fuss.

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

To achieve online success, a WordPress maintenance service is a must.

Visitors and Google value a well-maintained, regularly updated, error-free, and well-designed website. These factors improve the user experience significantly.

What Is WordPress Maintenance?

Ongoing WordPress maintenance ensures that your website runs smoothly, is updated, and is protected from hackers. To make your website appealing to potential clients, you’ll want to keep your information and appearance up to date.

Essential updates are required for websites created on the WordPress CMS platform to keep them running successfully. WordPress changes its core CMS system on a regular basis.

The same goes for plugin developers. This change in functionality necessitates an update to accommodate plugin modifications.

It’s critical to keep your website up to date, mostly for security reasons. If your website is hacked, Google may remove you from search results, and your brand may suffer as a result.

Maintaining your site in good working order improves the user experience, and Google notices sites that function efficiently.

Monthly WordPress maintenance packages essentially keep your website bug-free.

Stand-Alone WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Are you looking for just your plugins to be updated on a regular basis?

Site Dynamix can do it for you.

Every website is different with its own functionality and plugins that make the website run efficiently.

Because of these differences, Site Dynamix will need to inspect the backend of your website, do an assessment, and get back to you with a quote on a monthly maintenance package.

What We Need From You…

In order to implement your monthly WordPress update service, we need access.

What we need to do this is your:

  • Url
  • Login Details

These details will be kept secure at all times.

WordPress Website Maintenance Updates Explained

What we do on a monthly basis.

WordPress update service tasks include:

  • Every month we will log in to the backend of your website to the plugins page.
  • We will check which plugins need to be updated.
  • We will then update them to the latest version.
  • Once all is current and up-to-date we log out.
  • Finally, we check the frontend of your website and see that all is looking correct and links working.
  • If any issues arise with the appearance or functionality of the website, we will correct the issue immediately.

That is it!

Your website is current and you and Google are happy!

Do You Have A Rent A Website Package?

If you have opted for a rent a website package from Site Dynamix you will not need separate WordPress maintenance.

This is because maintenance is built in to the monthly payment for the development package you chose.

So you are already covered!!

What Is The Cost For WordPress Maintenance?

Ultimately, you don’t stop paying for WordPress once it’s up and running if you want a secure, professional site. When new security and maintenance releases are released, you must maintain your WordPress installations to keep them up to date and secure.

The cost of ongoing maintenance depends on what type of website you are running.

For example, a small personal website will be cheaper to maintain than an e-commerce website selling products with a payment gateway.

The size and complexity of your website mean the difference between the number of plugins required to run the site and the type of plugins you will have installed.

Therefore, a simple blog site will be cheaper to maintain on a monthly basis. A more complex website will have increased costs.

This is the reason why Site Dynamix needs to inspect your website in order to give an accurate quote on WordPress maintenance fees.

Paid Plugins and Themes

Another consideration is whether you or your web developer have installed paid themes and plugins.

Expect to continue paying for those as most commercial installations are charged on an annual basis to keep them running.

These payments will have to be kept up to date and paid yearly.