Website Rental Terms & Conditions

1.0 Website Design / Maintenance Package:

Rent-a-Site Plan 

If you need regular updates to your website text or images, and you wish to ensure that your website is working flawlessly, this package is recommended.

What is included in this Plan

  • Picture Updates – adding, editing, and sizing of any images being added to the existing pages of the website.
  • Text Updates – adding, editing and/or removing any text or copy on the existing site including any articles, reports, contact information and product or service description.
  • Complete Monthly Backups – maintaining a full backup of web site through the duration of this contract.
  • Functionality – ensuring all links/images are working correctly and examining the overall health and proper functionality of the website.
  • Basic Local Search Engine Optimization – helping the visibility of a website or web pages in major search engines, getting indexed, preventing crawling, and increasing prominence with entry level SEO.
  • Core system & Security updates – regular system and security updates when available server side.
  • Consultation and guidance on the use of the web site.

*We reserve the right to distinguish between “updates” and “new designs”.

What is NOT included in this Plan:

  • Web site redesign, re-alignment or re-development – the scope of this contract is limited to maintenance and does not allow for complete or partial redesign of existing site. Site Dynamix can advise the Client on any requested work that falls within these bounds that may require a different contract.
  • CMS design or integration including but not limited to blogs, shopping carts and web forums. These require a separate design agreement.
  • Blacklist removal & Malware protection

2.0 Service Plans:

All service plans are prepaid, and all prepaid time expires 1 month after the payment date. A maximum of 3hrs labour time per month will be assigned to each website, under the Rent-a-Site Package, for image and textual updates and changes. Any time not used within this 1-month window will expire. Any time exceeded over the initial 3hrs will be billed at our hourly rate. There is no rollover of prepaid time to the next billing period and no refunds or credits will be issued for expired time. Time not used is non-transferrable.

3.0 Deadlines & Deliverables:

A 100% non-refundable administration fee is required before site design commences. On approval of site design, the Client has 30 days in which to deliver all site information ie. text, images, logo etc. to Site Dynamix. 

  • After this period, Site Dynamix has the right to bill the Client 60% of the monthly maintenance fee even if not enough information has been forthcoming to make the website live on the Internet. 

            *To make a site live we will need a Home, About Us, and a Contact page. 

            3.1 Billing will commence immediately, from the date of the website going live. 

Site Dynamix does not write articles, source information, or provide images for the Client’s web sites.

Maintenance requests made by the Client should be via email and will be acted upon as soon as possible by Site Dynamix. Requests made after 3:00 pm may not be received until the next business day.

4.0 Hosting and Domain Name Fees

Should the Client order website development from Site Dynamix, the Client will then be 

required to pay for their website hosting and domain fees. If need be, Site Dynamix can recommend a hosting provider. These hosting providers meet our system requirements.

Site Dynamix are not liable for issues that may arise from the use of Third-Party Providers and/or software. The Client is 100% responsible for all payments due to be made on time. Downtime of website due to lapsed subscriptions are not the responsibility of Site Dynamix.

4.1 Email Hosting

We do not provide free email hosting services.

While our rental website offers various features and benefits, email hosting is not one of them. We recommend that users seeking email hosting solutions explore our Business email solutions or services specifically designed for email management.

4.2 Server Access

Third-Party Server Access Prohibited

As part of our website rental plan, we prioritize the security and integrity of our servers. Therefore, we strictly prohibit any third-party access to our servers. This includes unauthorized attempts to modify, retrieve, or interact with server resources.

By using our services, you agree not to engage in any activities that compromise server security or violate this policy. Any breach of this provision may result in account suspension or termination.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a secure environment for all users.

5.0 Website Development Time Frame  

Site Dynamix will only begin work on the Client’s website once payment has been received. Site Dynamix gives a web development time frame of a minimum of 3 weeks to build a website. This is dependent on Site Dynamix workload. The Client will be advised. 

Design time is dependent on all the information for the website being available before work commences. If information is not forthcoming from the Client, the development will stall until information is provided. (See 3.1 for terms)

If a domain transfer and/or a purchase of a domain is required, a time extension is needed.

6.0 Payment of Fees:

Maintenance fees to Site Dynamix are due and payable on the following schedule: 

Payment is to be made within the first 3 (three) business days of every month. All payments will be made in £ funds only. If payment is not received, the Client will be in default of maintenance contract and full payment of contract will be required before any further maintenance can be done. Site Dynamix reserves the right to remove the Client’s website from the internet until full payment is brought up to date and paid for. An admin fee will be incurred for this. 

7.0 Cancellation:

In the event the Client wishes to terminate their Rent-a-Site Website and their monthly payment, the website will cease to exist and will no longer be available on the World Wide Web. The website designed by Site Dynamix will be deleted and is non-transferrable. 

            7.1 If the Client website is older than 24 months, termination must be given in writing 3 months before the cancellation date. This cancellation period will be billed as normal and does not incur a penalty. 

            7.2 For web sites younger than 24 months, 3 months’ notice must be given in writing, which is billed as normal. Thereafter, outstanding months up to the 24th month will incur a penalty of current monthly charges.

The Domain name only, will be available for transfer to the server of choice by the Client, payable by the Client.

8.0 Ownership Rights:

The Client continues to own any and all proprietary information it shares with Site Dynamix during the term of this Agreement for the purposes of the Project.  Site Dynamix has no rights to this proprietary information and may not use it except to complete the Project.

9.0 Assignment of project:

Site Dynamix reserves the right to assign certain subcontractors to this project to ensure the right fit for the job, as well as on-time completion. Site Dynamix warrants all work completed by independent subcontractors who are secured by Site Dynamix for this project. When subcontracting is required, Site Dynamix will only use industry-recognized independent professionals.

10.0 Indemnification:

The Client agrees that they shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Site Dynamix harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees, (“Liabilities”) asserted against ‘Provider’, agents, its clients, servants, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by the Client, its agents, employee or assigns.  The Client agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Site Dynamix against liabilities arising out of any injury to person or property caused by any products or services sold or otherwise distributed in connection with Site Dynamix’s service, any material supplied by the Client infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party, copyright infringement, and any defective product which the Client has sold in the Web Design.

11.0 Warranties and Liability:

The Client agrees that any material submitted for publication will not contain anything leading to an abusive or unethical use of the Web Hosting Service, the Host Server or Site Dynamix. Abusive and unethical materials and uses include, but are not limited to, pornography, obscenity, nudity, violations of privacy, computer viruses, harassment, any illegal activity, spamming, advocacy of an illegal activity, and any infringement of privacy. The Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Site Dynamix from any claim resulting from the Client publication of material or use of those materials. It is also understood that Site Dynamix will not publish information over the Internet which may be used by another party to harm another. Site Dynamix reserves the right to determine what is and is not pornography. Site Dynamix does not warrant the functions of the site will meet the Client expectations of site traffic or resulting business or that the operation of the web pages will be uninterrupted and / or error-free. Site Dynamix is not to be held responsible for occasional downtime of email or web site due to line interruptions and/or other instances beyond Site Dynamix control.

12.0 Design Credit:

The Client agrees that Site Dynamix may put a byline on the bottom of all web pages maintained by the Webmaster to establish maintenance credit. The Client also agrees that the web site maintained for the Client may be included in the Site Dynamix’s portfolio.

13.0 Confidentiality:

During the course of this Agreement, it may be necessary for the Client to share proprietary information, including trade secrets, industry knowledge, and other confidential information, to Site Dynamix in order for Site Dynamix to complete the Website in its final form. Site Dynamix will not share any of this proprietary information at any time, even if the Agreement is terminated. Site Dynamix will not use any of this proprietary information for their personal benefit at any time, even if the Agreement is terminated.

The Parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth above as demonstrated by their signatures below.  

Site Dynamix