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Pay Monthly Website Packages In Chesterfield

Our pay monthly website packages are perfect for a small to medium-sized business. We understand that one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is the cost factor.

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In today’s digital age, first impressions are everything, and a great web design is essential for success.
Users like to browse sites that are visually appealing and simple to navigate.
Allow our experts to assist you in making a great first impression with a pay monthly website rental package to keep your website looking good all the time.

Rent A Website Business Solution

We aim to bring you a website that is cost effective, sustainable, and doing business!

Let us help shape your business with a website that is professional and functional.

The main purpose of your business website is to attract viewers, inform them about your products or services and then convert them to paying customers.

It does not matter if you are selling furniture, selling insurance, have a restaurant, are a church or a school – someone is looking for you!

Pay Monthly Website Packages

What Are Pay Monthly Website Packages?

Site Dynamix offers a pay monthly website rental that offers a unique solution to getting your business online at a price that is manageable and sustainable.

We offer flexible and reliable, pay monthly, rent a website packages.

This means you can have a top-notch site at a reasonable monthly fee that keeps it up to speed at all times, with all back end maintenance included.

Just A Monthly Rental Fee.

This will get you a site that is tailor-made to your requirements at a sustainable price.

Your website rental fee includes a monthly backup and WordPress updates so that all the changes you have made to your site will be safe in the event that any problems may occur.

What You Get…

Choose A Website Plan


Free Trial










A starter website that contains default pages including a Home page, About page, Contact page, and a further two pages of your choice to kickstart your business.

Up to 5 Pages

Hosting & Domain

Free SSL Certificate

Technical and Local SEO

Basic GDPR Compliancy

Monthly Backup

Plugins Update

WAF (Web Application Firewall)





A basic website for a small business that can easily showcase your services, your ethos and provide a brand that your clientelle can identify with.

Up to 10 Pages

Hosting & Domain

DV Premium SSL Certificate

Technical and Local SEO

Basic GDPR Compliancy

Monthly Backup

Plugins Update

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

CDN (Content Delivery Network)





Get a larger website for a mid-sized business that provides multiple services within the business structure. Get your brand visible effectively.

Up to 20 Pages

Hosting & Domain

DV Premium SSL Certificate

Technical and Local SEO

Basic GDPR Compliancy

Weekly Backup

Plugins Update

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Enhanced Security





An ecommerce site incorporates products for sale with a shop, cart, and checkout facilities. Market your products easily and effectively on a shopping platform.

Up to 10 Pages and 100 Products

Hosting & Domain

DV Premium Certificate

Technical and Local SEO

Basic GDPR Compliancy

Weekly Backup

Plugins Update

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Enhanced Security

Ecommerce Plan Notes

The first 10 product pages will be added to the website by Site Dynamix. Any further products will be added by the client.

Please note that this package has a maximum of 100 products. If you would like to increase your product range please contact us and we will quote you on your individual requirements.

Business Branding Packages For Startups

We also offer a business startup branding package that is the perfect option for brand new businesses.

You not only get a brand new website (at half price) but there are several options that include helpful marketing tools too.

Depending on your choice, you can get business cards, a logo design, stationery, and corporate clothing.

So visit this page and find the option that suits you best for your new business venture.

Developing A Website

Not all website developers are equal.

Most have not chosen web work as a profession, but rather have entered the field from a mundane job in order to make quick, easy money from the uninformed public, and ultimately the unsuspecting client is the loser.

Most web developers will take the money and run, leaving the clients to fend on their own when issues arise later on.

Like any IT-based technology, the web is always evolving.

App versions are continually being updated, new technologies, scripts, codes, programming, rules set by Google. All of these updates have to be complied with continuously.

A website developed 2 years ago will not run as efficiently as a site that was developed 2 years ago and maintained.

This is why a WordPress site should have – at minimum – a basic website maintenance plan.

For those who have a small budget, a basic plan will ensure your website runs smoothly and is up to date at all times.

For those with a bigger budget and who want to compete with their opposition, an SEO package will be a viable option. This will increase brand recognition and sales.

SEO, however, is a long-term process.

Results from organic search engine optimisation take at least 6 months before you start reaping the rewards. But once achieved, is worth the wait.

Please visit our website advice blog for indepth articles on how we develop a successful business website.

The Iceberg Theory

The “Iceberg Theory” is a term that explains a website and its workings perfectly.

The tip of the iceberg is what you see above the waterline, and that is the visual aspect that people will see when viewing your website.

What lies beneath the surface, and what you don’t see, is the much larger and important structure that keeps the iceberg floating and balanced in the water.

The same goes for a website.

The “backend” or structure that you don’t see is what gets your website visible in the SERPs, ranking in Google, competing competitively, and beating your opposition in the marketplace.

Additionally, all websites must run on all platforms – from desktop to mobile devices, and run fast.

Speed is essential today, especially on mobile.

At the end of the day, do you want a website that looks pretty but does not run smoothly or effectively?

Or do you want a website without the bells and whistles that runs super quick, efficiently, and is easily found?

There is a lot more involved in web development than a lot of designers let on, or even know. Especially one-man-band developers.

Let this be a cautionary tale – ensure you choose a developer that is not just a designer. Find one that has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to build a website that works for you and stays working for you.

That is where Site Dynamix can help you.

Our team looks above and below the waterline and endeavours to deliver a quality site that will move your business forward.